Livin’ Fancy

Night three and we’re in Beaver, Utah, home of America’s best tasting water. We’ve set up camp at, what some reviewers have called, “the nicest motel in Beaver.” And it is quite nice, regardless of the fact you need to check in at the gas station across the road. The room is large and extremely clean and comfortable, and the towels are magnificant!

The most deluxe feature of the room is not the 40 inch flat screen tv, but the water saver flusher on the toilet. Push one button for liquid waste and the other button for solid waste. And the girls LOVE it!! There was quite a lengthy discussion about what one should do if you produce both liquid and solid waste. I know the intention of the hotel was to save water, but there is no way that is happening with the Knott girls in town…I swear they’ve gone to the bathroom every 15 minutes just to use the flusher. Good times.


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