Zak’s Take on Rocky Mountain National Park

Wow, the first day of the trip has been a great experience for everyone so far. Molly did a nice job of keeping you up to date, but I’ll try to fill in a few things.

The mountains are absolutely beautiful, I sort of remember that from the few months I lived here, but I had much stronger memories of long carsick rides of terror as I worried about falling off the edge.

We drove the Bear lake road first, stopping at the first little lake we came to (whose name I don’t remember) I had my moment of the day with Ellie there as well. She and I were sitting at the edge of the lake watching a fly fishing class and I asked her if she’d like to go fishing sometime. She quickly answered yes, and then 10 seconds later added “What’s fishing?”

My moment of the day with Z came a bit later when she and I got out of the car while driving along the ridge road to look down. She claimed that this was the first real mountain she’d ever seen and that she really liked it.

After heading back to the hotel to shower and rest a bit we headed out to Casa Bonita. I won’t say much other than that Zoe loved it, I liked it, and Ellie pooped her pants.

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