Belt Issues Continued

Zoe just used the bathroom for the second time today and successfully kept her belt on her pants.  However, there was another issue when she was finished:

Zoe:  Mooommm!!  I really need help!

Molly:  Help with what?

Zoe:  I can’t pull up my pants!  Hellllp!

Molly:  Why can’t you pull up your pants? (This is a skill she mastered months ago.)

Zoe:  Because I have a belt!

Molly:  Zo, I know you can figure this out.

Zoe:  I can’t!!

She stands, with her pants around her ankles and a look on her face that indicates that she seriously has no idea what to do.  She then flops to the floor and unsuccessfully tries to wiggle her legs through the pants.  It doesn’t work.

Molly:  Stand up.  Put your hands on the waist of the pants.  Now pull up.

Zoe:  I did it!!!  I CAN wear a belt and pull up my pants.

Who knew there would be so much teaching involved with belt wearing.  And who knows what other lessons will need to be taught today!

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