Birthday Celebrations

Ellie’s first birthday and celebrations were filled with fun and laughter!  Her birthday was a crazy busy day starting with a speech lesson for Zoe at 8:20.  Elle and I spent the half hour relaxing in Starbucks.  After a quick morning snooze my mom came out and we went to a local gymnastic club for their open gym for toddlers.  Both girls have so much fun jumping on the trampolines, playing in the foam pit, and running around among the balance beams and other apparatus.  Ellie quickly found two hula hoops that did not leave her little hands for the entire hour.  She tightly gripped them, one in each hand, as she wandered around the gym.  They became tangled between her legs, in her arms, and around her arms, but she refused to let go.  I guess she should have gotten her hula hoops as gifts…maybe next year!

After the gym we went to Dizzy’s for lunch and the girls had their fabulous french toast.  Ellie proudly wore a little birthday hat and bib.  We then checked out a new baby store in Brookfield, BonBon Babeez.  It’s such a cute little shop full of fun baby toys and clothing.  Brookfield folks, check it out!

My mom left as the girls went down for nap.  Zak arrived home early for Ellie to open presents and eat a birthday dinner of pizza and her very first ever taste of chocolate, a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting.  She loved it!  We then all made our way to the 5:30 swimming class.  Zoe swam in the class for kids without parents for the first time and Zak got to swim with the birthday girl for her class.

It was a busy day, but I know Ellie had a lot of fun.

We had a little birthday brunch party for her on Sunday with my folks, Mike and Sara, and GH.  It’s was a lovely time and Ellie was so into opening and playing with her gifts!

I still can’t believe my little baby is one, but she is and we made sure to make her big celebration special!

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