Funny Quotes

Zoe is at the most hilarious age.  Every other sentence just cracks us up.  And then the every other ones are still beginning with “Why…?”  Here are a few funny statements she’s made in the past few days. As we’re tucking her into bed Zoe said, “I don’t know what we’re doing now.” Standing in […]

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Farmers’ Market

There is very exciting news for those of us here at A Playful Palate. Starting next Saturday, September 6th and through October 25th A Playful Palate will be a vendor at the Brookfield Farmers’ Market. My booth will feature cookies, brownies, muffins, and breads. You can also order a homemade apple pie! I’ll be there […]

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When Zoe was much younger we didn’t let her play with knives. Because we are good parents and good parents don’t let toddlers play with weapons. In fact, we even went so far as to teach her they were dangerous. And, yet another lesson backfired. She became, unreasonably, scared to death of knives. We’d sit […]

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Shane Keough

Saturday we went to the Kane County Cougars game with my parents, Mike, Sara, and Sara’s parents. It was a lot of fun and both the girls really had a fabulous time. It was a very typical all American evening at the ball game. The hot dogs. The funnel cake. A beautiful evening. Loud cheering. […]

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Why? Why? Why?

Zoe has entered a new phase. A phase I’ve heard many parents talk about. A phase that, for some reason, I didn’t ever really think my kids would go through. A phase that is so tiring, but so adorable at the same time. She’s entered the Why? phase. The one when every other sentence out […]

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Back to a New Normal

Zak went back to work today.  It was an amazing summer that seriously, just flew by.  It seems like just yesterday was the last day of school.  We had a lot of fun during the last two and half months.  Zoe transformed into a little kid and Ellie went from little baby to a crawling […]

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She’s mobile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just a few weeks ago Ellie learned to sit up.  A week or so later she learned to pull herself up using stationary objects.  And in just the past couple of days she’s mastered crawling.  Right now just she and I are awake, enjoying the crisp summer morning.  I’m drinking hot coffee and, […]

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Bathroom Decor

Zak took Zoe for a bike ride to the park this afternoon. Zak: We stopped at Irish Times (a little local bar) on the way home. Molly: For a beer? Zak: I thought about it, but Zoe needed to use the bathroom. Zoe: There was a girl in the bathroom. Zak: A girl statue. Molly: […]

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