Ellie just continues to change and grow each day.  She’s started to babble all the time, exploring the different sounds she can make.  Ma, ahhh, caa, eee, taa are some of her favorites. This morning I went to get her out of her crib and she stood up, looked right at me and squeeled, “MomMom!!!!” […]

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Caring Zoe

Yesterday evening I was driving the girls home from Target while Molly was out babysitting. As we traveled I was getting more and more stressed out with everything going on in the car. It was 6:45, and Ellie hadn’t napped well so she was screaming and refusing to keep her pacifier in, Zoe was in […]

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Lucky Day

We were eating lunch today and Zoe had a roast beef and swiss sandwich, hummus and carrots, and a cheese stick. Out of nowhere, Zoe blurts out,”It’s my lucky day.  I have two cheeses!”

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An Update

Wow!!  It’s been way too long since I’ve done an update, but we’ve been so busy.  It’s just insane.  So here’s what we’re all up to. Ellie is amazing.  She’s crawling.  EVERYWHERE.  Constantly.  Crawling and pulling herself up on anything that’s within arms’ reach.  And she’s discovered the joy of Cheerios.  She had her first […]

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