An Update

Wow!!  It’s been way too long since I’ve done an update, but we’ve been so busy.  It’s just insane.  So here’s what we’re all up to.

Ellie is amazing.  She’s crawling.  EVERYWHERE.  Constantly.  Crawling and pulling herself up on anything that’s within arms’ reach.  And she’s discovered the joy of Cheerios.  She had her first one about a week ago and was very apprehensive at first.  As soon as we placed one on her tongue. she’d scrunch her face up and nearly spit it out.  Then she’d go on to chew it with her gums for a very, very long time.  But then she’d swallow and gleefully beg for another one.  Now, she’d eat them all the time and, once again, I’m that mom that always carries around a baggie of Cheerios.  Ellie continues to be just a joyful baby.  She is so happy all the time and is so entertained by Zoe.

Zoe is also doing well.  Continuing to crack us up all day, every day.  I signed her up for a little class one morning a week.  It’s the first time she’s away from me in a classlike setting.  Today was the first day of school for her and it was really rough.  She had been so excited, as we’ve been talking about her school for days and days now.  However, when the time actually came for me to leave she starting bawling.  It was gut wrenching.  I knew I just needed to leave and the teacher said she calmed down in about a half an hour.  The first thing she told me was, “I didn’t do the art project.  Maybe next time though.”  Turns out she wasn’t quite comfortable enough in the setting to participate much.  I’m sure next week will be a bit easier.  I hope there won’t be quite as many tears as today…from either one of us.

The other big news around here is that we’ve started a small business, A Playful Palate.  I do custom catered baking and have a gig at the local farmers’ market.  So far it’s been quite successful and a lot of fun. However, I spend just about every spare minute baking, and not updating this blog.

So there’s whats been going on with us.  I’ll try to update more frequently now!

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