Caring Zoe

Yesterday evening I was driving the girls home from Target while Molly was out babysitting. As we traveled I was getting more and more stressed out with everything going on in the car. It was 6:45, and Ellie hadn’t napped well so she was screaming and refusing to keep her pacifier in, Zoe was in a “why, why, why” mood, I was trying to drive, and I knew that as soon as I got home I needed to clean up and get both the girls in bed. I told Z that I was having a hard time and that I wasn’t going to talk any more until we got home. She politely said “You are having a hard time?, OK” and was quiet. A little while later I reached back to put Ellie’s pacifier in her again when I felt Zoe put her hand on my arm and say “Happy Birthday month, Dad”. She sure knows how to make a person feel better.

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