She’s mobile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just a few weeks ago Ellie learned to sit up.  A week or so later she learned to pull herself up using stationary objects.  And in just the past couple of days she’s mastered crawling.  Right now just she and I are awake, enjoying the crisp summer morning.  I’m drinking hot coffee and, what is Ellie doing?  She’s crawling among Zoe’s toys, carefully examining each (usually forbidden) one.  Back and forth across the play area, all on her own.  Something bright and shiny will catch her eye.  She’ll plop down on her belly, carefully get on all fours, and take off to the other side of the room.  Pretty quickly too.  Yay Ellie!!!!!!  She’s mobile!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And my life just drastically changed once again.

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