Why? Why? Why?

Zoe has entered a new phase. A phase I’ve heard many parents talk about. A phase that, for some reason, I didn’t ever really think my kids would go through. A phase that is so tiring, but so adorable at the same time. She’s entered the Why? phase. The one when every other sentence out of her mouth is a question starting with the word why. I take that back. Not every other sentence. More like every nine out of ten sentences.

It’s adorable. She is so genuinely curious about everything around her. Everything. But, it’s so hard to constantly explain everything to her. Everything. The interesting thing is she really pays attention to the explanation and thinks about it a while before asking the follow up question.

Here’s an example of a recent conversation we had after swimming lessons:

Z: I don’t know where we’re going now.

M: We’re going home.

Z: Why are we going home?

M: To see Daddy and Ellie and get ready for bed.

Z: Why are we going to get ready for bed?

M: Well, it’s bedtime. We’ve had a long, fun, full day.

Z: Why did we have a full day?

M: Because we went to Western Springs and spent the day there.

Z: (Distracted by the family getting in the car next to our) I don’t know what those people are doing.

M: They are going home.

Z: Why are they people?  Why are we people?

And that’s when I told her to ask her dad and changed the subject.

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