We had a fabulous Fourth of July weekend.  I’ll tell you all about it when we get the pictures posted, but here’s a quick story.

After the Brookfield parade, we stopped home to pack up the car for a weekend getaway at my parents.  We told Zoe she could pick any two toys to bring with, but they couldn’t be huge (as the trunk was already pretty full.)  She went to her loot of toys and after much thought and consideration she marched upstairs and so proudly showed us her first pick.  A small pillow my grandma made for her.  It’s one of those dog bone shaped pillows to rest your neck.  Zoe hasn’t touched the thing in months!!  But that was her number one top choice for weekend entertainment.

We laughed, then reminded her she could pick another toy to bring along.  Again, she carefully perused her toys and came up with a (as in one) matchbox car.  It’s orange and is quite basic (read cheap), at least as far as matchbox cars are concerned.

She was as proud as can be of her choices.  And you know what?  She played with that pillow and that one car a whole lot this weekend.  Sometimes together.  Sometimes not.

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