If you’ve followed Zoe’s thumb sucking situation, you know that Zoe is determined and self motivated.

Well, Zoe’s had a hard time falling asleep for quite a while now and Zak and I would go into her room countless times, trying to get her to relax.  We realized that Zoe was using us to put off falling asleep, so we decided to resleep-train her.  Once we give her many, many kisses and say our good nights we no longer return to her room.  She totally understands this, but has been crying, attempting to get us back in there for one more kiss, one more sip of water, one more “I love you.”

Last night, just as we were about to shut her door she announce, “I’m not going to cry.  No crying tonight.”  Zak and I looked at each other, then told her how great that would be.

Lo and behold, that girl did not make a single whimper before falling asleep.  She had decided she wasn’t going to cry and she didn’t!  Amazing!

This morning she proudly told us that she didn’t cry last night and that she isn’t going to cry anymore.

(By the way, she has not sucked her thumb since that one incident last week.)

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