Hiking Trip

Zoe and I took our first backpacking trip together this week I had to persuade her a little bit by calling it a park, and she easily fell for that. One of my goals for the summer was to see the Site A/Plot M disposal site, the place where the 1st ever nuclear reactor was moved to (and the 2nd and 3rd were built and subsequently buried). I just took a quick glance at the map before we left figuring that a site of that significance would be well marked on the trail, so Z and I were quickly ready to set off on our adventure.
The trail was a bit more non-existent that I thought it would be:
Isn’t this a super-popular tourist destination? I guess not. . .
In fact there was not a single mention of where either of the sites were anywhere. Eventually we came to a fork in the road that was marked yellow trail to the right and unmarked to the left. I knew that we weren’t supposed to take the yellow trail at all so we ventured down the unmarked trail and about 100 feet later were rewarded with this:
The Site A marker! Or as Zoe would later describe it to Molly “we saw a rock, Dad took lots of pictures.”
After looking around a bit we started that hike back to the car. Before we could make it though Z decided she had to go potty, and was very excited that she got to go on the ground:
She was really cute on the way out, I’m sure she was exhaustedly as it was almost a mile walk each way. She did manage to get her thoughts on the trip out though as we made our way back saying “this is not a park, this is outside” I guess she figured out the trick. I think she was ok with it though since I was carrying her at that point for the first time in quite a while she put her head down on my shoulder. To make it up to her though we stopped at a park on the way back home.
We never did find Plot M, I guess that’s a reason to go back though!

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