Happy Mother’s Day

To my mom. For being you and continuing to be a phenomenal mom year after year. And for embracing the role of grandmother with passion and intense love for my daughters. And for Fridays: lunch, shopping, and Starbucks. Week after week.

To my grandmothers. Grandma Betty. Grandma Knott. For your wisdom and love for your great grandkids.

To my friends who are moms. For laughing about our kids, sharing stories, giving me advise, and making me feel not at all alone on this path of motherhood.

To Mary. For being my “mom mentor.” For constant encouragement and inspiration. (And you probably didn’t even know you held the role of “mom mentor”, but you do and you are great at it!)


To Zak. For being my partner, my listener, my teacher. And for being the best father a mother could wish for her children. And for finding the humor in all they do.

And most importantly, my kids. My Zoe. My Ellia. For filling my days with love and laughter. For being the darn cutest guinea pigs as I attempt to figure out each stage you go through. Zoe for holding my hand, telling me you love me, being my partner in the kitchen, and for all the adventures you bring into this life. Ellie for looking me in the eyes and sharing that huge smile, for the softest skin I’ve ever touched, and for the sweetest sounds you’re learning to make. Thank you, girls. I love you.

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