Four Months

Today is Ellie’s four month birthday and I can’t believe it!  It seems like just yesterday was the big day.

The day I knew I should sleep in, but was up all night as anxious as can be.

The day Zak and Zoe ate bagels and doughnuts for breakfast, while I sat and watched not allowed to disrupt my empty stomach.

The day my parents came to hang out with Zoe as her sister was being born.

The day Zoe blew hugs and kisses as we pulled away from the house.

The day we checked in to the labor and delivery unit, saying, “Molly Knott.  I’m here for the 1:00.”

The day the doctor tried so hard to get that god awful needle in my spine.

The day we heard Ellie’s beautiful cry for the first time.

The day we met Ellie, and Ellie met us, her sister, her grandma and grandpa.

The day our life changed, once again, forever.

Four months ago.

The days have flown by, too quickly.  She’s such a radiant light in our lives, making us all smile, laugh, and love more and more each day.  With each day she brings change.  In fact, just an hour ago, she rolled over for the first time during daylight.  Zoe and I laughed and cheered for her, while she was pretty much just dumbstruck by how she got to her tummy, wanting badly to be on her back again.

We’re heading off to her four month appointment in just a bit, because what better way to celebrate four months of life than with vaccinations!

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