All Dogs

Zoe has such a strange relationship with dogs.  On one hand she is absolutely in awe of dogs and could spend hours looking at, reading about, and talking to them.  On the other hand, after a bad incident last August, she is truly and genuinely horrified of dogs, refusing to get anywhere close to them.  She loves to look out the window at Sam, the dog that lives in the house behind ours, but instantly jumps into our arms, clinging on for dear life, if we pass one while walking.

One of her favorite books to read is Dog by Matthew Van Fleet and Brian Stanton.  It’s an absolutely adorable, interactive, rhyming book explaining the actions of dogs.  Zoe’s favorite page to read to dolls includes the words, “All dogs poop.  All dogs pee.”

Well, tonight we read a random library book about dogs (that was so lame, I’m not even going to mention the title.)  After we read the book, Zoe insisted on reading it to herself.  She carefully flipped through the book and for each page repeated the phrase, “All dogs poop.  All dogs pee.”  She was in such a zone, she didn’t noticed how hard Zak and I were laughing.

When we finally peeled the book from her hands and got her into bed, she spend about thirty minutes repeating the bodily functions that all dogs do.  Over and over.

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