Busy, Busy Days

I haven’t written in a few days because we’ve been busy.  Here’s what  we’ve been up to.

Wednesday:  The girls and I went to Elgin to visit with my grandparents.  My Grandpa Owen has been home from the hospital for just over a week and is doing great.  He is getting around just fine on his scooter and is in great spirits.  My grandma made a nice lunch for us and Michael.

Thursday:  Zak’s Aunt Amy was visiting Chicago with friends, so in the morning we made our way downtown to catch up with her.  We had a fabulous time, chatting, walking to Starbucks, and more chatting.  Zoe was just a hoot and instantly refell in love with Aunt Amy.  I can’t tell you how many times she’s randomly blurted out, “Aunt Amy” in the last few days.

Friday:  Zak took off for Champagne for a physics convention, so I packed the girls up to spend the night with my parents.  We spent the days eating, shopping, and doing the whole Starbucks thing again.  That evening my parents took us out for dinner and Zoe tried crab brie bisque and loved it.  What two year old likes crab brie bisque?  For what it’s worth, it was one of the best soups I’ve ever had.

Saturday:  I got a new phone!!!  I’ve had my old one for two years and desperately needed a new one.  New phones are sooo much fun!  I love it!!! Then the girls and I made our way home and I had three of my dear friends from high school over for the afternoon.  It was a lot of fun to catch up.  Once they left, Zak (who had arrived safely home) suggested we hire the babysitter next door to watch Zoe so we could go out for dinner with Ellie.  It was a great idea.  Ellie slept the whole time and Zak and I got to enjoy a dinner out almost by ourselves!

Sunday:  Michael and Sara came over this morning for breakfast and to play with Zoe.  Sara had to listen to Zoe talk for a project for one of her classes.  We all had a great time.  Once they left we went to the park.  Zoe has grown up so much since last summer.  She can climb the ladders, use the big girl swings, and crazily bounce on the teeter-totter.  So much fun!

One more note:  We ordered a new camera and it arrived over the weekend!!

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