I was working the weight machines at the gym tonight when the receptionist came up to me saying, “Molly, your husband is on the phone and the baby is screaming.  I can hear her.”  I quickly get off and talk to Zak who says I need to get home right away, as Ellie will not stop screaming and nothing is comforting her.  I grab my things, literally run to the car and take off toward home.  I call Zak back, suggesting taking off all her clothes just in case there is a loose string wrapped around a toe or something.  I hear Ellie just howling in the background.  I hit the gas a bit harder.  Then from the other side of LaGrange Road I see a cop do a u-turn and start following me.  Shoot.  I get pulled over, call Zak, who is close to tears himself.  The officer comes up to my window.

Me (fighting back tears):  I’m sorry.  Something is wrong with my newborn.  My husband called and I need to get home.  Something is not right.

Officer:  Do you need an ambulance?

Me (in tears):  I don’t know.  Maybe.  I don’t know.  Something is wrong.  Maybe.

Officer:  Let me see your license and you’re free to go.

At this point Zak, who doesn’t know I’ve been let off the hook, calls back and frantically asks what he’s supposed to do.  I tell him to hold on for a few more moments.  I finally get home and race in the front door to hear the saddest baby cry ever.  I swoop Ellie out of Zak’s arms, bounce her, feed her, cuddle her and after 15 minutes she calms down quite a bit and had this exhausted look on her face.  I  snuggle her and she slowly drifts into a slumber.  She’s sound asleep in my arms now, lightly snoring.

You’re welcome for the tip on how to get out of being pulled over!

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