These Are the Days

This morning was perfect:

We slept in a bit, lounged around in pajamas and ate breakfast.  We got showered and dressed and headed off to our Singing and Swinging class.  Zoe had a great time playing with all the toys and enthusiastically singing the songs.  Then the three of us walked to a little coffee shop, Loca Moca.  Zoe goofed around for a bit and drew a mini masterpiece on a napkin, while I had a fabulous mocha latte.  After a while, we ordered bowls of chicken noodle soup for lunch.   Ellie slept most of the time. occasionally waking up, only to giggle herself back to sleep.  Zoe is now napping, and I’m playing with Ellie while watching last night’s The Hills.

This is my idea of a perfect morning these days!

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