TV Hell (part 3)

At this point I was still willing to give Polaroid a little benefit of the doubt so I waited until the following week before calling ProView back. The news I got was better and horribly worse all at the same time. They had indeed received my information and was processing our claim (yay!), they also told me that they expected to be able to begin making repairs in 2-3 weeks when they received my TV from Polaroid (what the %$*# ?!). That last part was what got me upset.

Knowing that I was going to get nowhere trying to argue with ProView who didn’t even know who I was a week ago, I called Polaroid back to protest the situation. I was told that Polaroid no longer dealt with that model of TV and that I would have to take it up with ProView. I explained that I had already been waiting 5 weeks for my replacement TV and that I now being told it would likely be another month before I could expect to receive a refurbished one.

While trying to reason with him that this was in fact a Polaroid TV and that Polaroid should deal with the issue and not pass it off to another company this lighter part of the exchange came up:

Me: They told me they’re waiting to receive it from Polaroid and that they expect it will be 2-3 weeks before they do. Why will it take so long for you to ship it to them?

Customer Service: That will depend on how long it takes us to locate, process, and ship it to them in California.

Me: What do you mean “locate” my TV, where is it now?

Customer Service: What address did you ship it to?

Me: (reading back the information I had been given the previous week) Dock Door #7; 4030 Via Pedscador; Camarillo, California 93012.

Customer Service: Hmmm, sounds like it’s in California

Me: No $#!^

Ok, I didn’t say it but I definite thought it. At this point I decided it was pointless to deal with this guy anymore and asked to be passed up to a supervisor.

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