TV Hell (part 2)

As I was a little nervous about the TV warranty process from the outset I decided that it would be wise to invest an extra couple dollar at the Post Office to pay for tracking and insurance on our TV as it made its journey to the West. Over the next two weeks I diligently tracked my package as it made its way from La Grange all the way to . . . Forrest Park. That’s right all of about 10 miles in two weeks. I was actually a bit excited about this at first since the Post Office allows insurance claims on any package not delivered within 14 days, so I assumed I’d be able to use that money to buy a new TV and be done with the whole thing. Before heading off to get my money back though, I decided to place another call to Polaroid to confirm that they hadn’t received it yet.

To my great surprise I was told that they had received it nearly a week earlier (I guess the $.75 I spent on tracking wasn’t worth it). The Polaroid representative told me that our model was still backordered but that it should be ready to ship within the next two weeks – still well within the time given by the initial contact person had told me so I said thank you and got on with my life.

Two weeks later (a month after sending the TV in) having not yet heard anything I called Polaroid service and was told that my claim was now being processed by a third party company called ProView and was given their number to call for further information. Although this made me a bit nervous I took it as a positive sign that perhaps something was finally happening and that I would be receiving a replacement soon. So I called up ProView and was told they had no record of me, my return number, or my TV’s serial number. I again called Polaroid where I spoke with a supervisor (Pam V) and was told that ProView was a new contractor for Polaroid and that they should have my information by early the following week.

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