Poor Zoe

First an update on Molly’s pizza post from yesterday: Last night we were going to make the delicious looking pea and bacon pasta on the cover of this month’s food magazine when we discovered that the bacon we had bought was leaking all over the fridge and kind of stinky. Zoe was pretty confident that the only possible solution would be to go out for pizza so Molly and I gave in with the hope that she would give up her obsession once she had been properly fed. We went to a local place called Ledo’s which was actually excellent, and we’re glad we discovered it. After a trip to FedEx that I will tell about in detail in a future post we finally got Zoe home and in bed.

After about an hour or so though she started making horrible moaning/coughing noises and then started bawling. When we went in to check on her she said that she had an “ear owie” which we’re relatively sure must be her first ear infection. I haven’t heard from her yet this morning, but I hope she’s feeling better.

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