Zoe has become obsessed with pizza.  I guess it’s her new favorite food because it’s all she talks about.  The first word out of her mouth for the last three mornings has been “pizza.”  I am not exaggerating at all when I say that she probably says it 300 times a day.  All day long.  Pizza.  Pizza.  Pizza.  Each morning I have to go over everything she will eat that day and explain that we won’t be having any pizza.  She does not complain or whine for pizza, but just says it over and over again in a very pleasant voice.  Pizza.  Pizza.  Pizza.  As we prepare each meal she’ll hover around the counter saying, “Pizza?” and I have to tell her “No, we’re having Cheerios and blueberry yogurt for breakfast instead.”   It’s all she’s been “making” in her play kitchen.  I guess we better get some pizza in this girl before too long.  Pizza.  Pizza.  Pizza.

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