Time Outs

Zoe is an amazingly well behaved child who has never needed a time out, even though her pediatrician suggested using them when she turned two.  However, the combination of a cold that has lasted for over four weeks! now, a wicked diaper rash, her two-year molars on the verge of coming in, and this new baby that is fun, but still is living with us, has led to some inappropriate behavior.  (I took the phrase “inappropriate behavior” right from my teaching days…a phrase that is ridiculously overused among teachers.)  On Saturday Zoe lightly hit Ellie a number of times, and after a few warnings and explanations we sent her to time out.  She just sobbed uncontrollably for BubBub the entire two minutes.  Afterward we discussed the situation and all was fine for the rest of the weekend.  Unfortunately, today she starting hitting again.  First she hit me and herself.  I told her hitting is bad and if she hits anything else she had to take another time out.  So, she decided to hit her sock.  I know her sock wasn’t hurt or anything, but I had threatened a time out and had to follow through.  Again, she begged for BubBub the whole time, but then apologized (to her sock) and said she’d think harder before hitting again.  I can’t believe she’s old enough for time outs.  It makes me feel sad, she’s growing up too quickly.

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