MTV in my Class

Today was an interesting one in my first hour class. One of my students was chosen to be featured on MTV’s True Life in an episode tentatively titled “I’m Deaf”. There was a crew (2 girls with video cameras?) in my class this morning. They spent a long time filming me at the start of the hour as we talked about volcanoes and plate boundaries. I thought the focus was supposed to be on her, but perhaps I’m being considered for the upcoming “I’m Zak” episode and they just haven’t told me yet. Then as my kids were working on a project they just kind of wandered around filming the kids. At they very end of the hour I gave a quiz and the crew stepped out of the room. Supposedly the girl they’re filming is going to come see me at the end of the day to make up a quiz from last week, so perhaps I’ll have to be “on” again this afternoon.

The “crew” went out with her and her friends last night, to school today, and since she’s a cheerleader to the basketball game tonight. Then tomorrow they’re filming her at home with her family. I know that they’re supposed to be coming back in about a month and again in about two months to film, then I imagine it will be awhile before it actually goes on the air, but I’ll be sure to let you all know when I hear anything.

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