Swimming with Z-Dog (part 2)

I promised more on the locker room injury, so here it is:

A few weeks ago Zo was sitting on the bench and leaned over to help with her pants, as she was leaning she slipped off and banged up both of her knees pretty good, luckily I caught her so she didn’t hit her head.

Last week as soon as we walked into the locker room she pointed to her knee and said “owie, knee owie”. Then she pointed at her eye and said “eye water”. The past couple weeks eye water has become one of her favorite phrases. It’s handy because it applies to times when she was crying as well as times when her eyes are watering from the cold. Molly and I have decided that even though we’re supposed to be teaching her the correct way to say things that this one is too cute to make her change to calling them tears.

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