Swimming with Z-Dog (part 1)

Every Thursday night Zoe has parent toddler swim lessons. Usually Molly and I take turns going, but since Ellie came I’ve been going with her. I love the swimming part, but the locker room situation is a complete pain-in-the-bum. Parents aren’t allowed to bring kids of any age into the opposite sex locker room which means that I have to change with Zoe in what amounts to a bathroom stall on the pool deck. It wouldn’t be bad except that there’s usually several other parents who also need to use it which means waiting for them to finish before we can even start. Then, since there’s no shower there it also means an extra step of undressing when we get home, showering, and redressing before bed. AND since the locker room is tiny, slippery, and rocky (yes the floor is made of sharp pointy rocks) it’s a dangerous place to be. More on that next time though.

Anyway, as I said the actual swimming part is a lot of fun. Zoe is getting really good at it, she can jump in all by herself, swim by herself when she is holding a kick board, and paddle and kick like a pro. Her favorite part, though, is the singing at the beginning. She loves watching the other people sing and do the actions almost as much as she likes doing them herself. Maybe we have a future synchronized swimmer on our hands!

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