An Interesting Superbowl

Zoe is incredibly caring and empathetic, which is usually a wonderful trait to have. She is so gentle with Ellie, and loves to give her kisses. Tonight though we saw the odd side to her caring nature. After each play in the Superbowl she would point to the TV and sadly say “bump, bump” after the tackle. Then after each play she would blow the person who got “bumped” a kiss and tell them “kiss”!

One thought on “An Interesting Superbowl

  1. It’s true!! I just logged on to write the EXACT same post. It was a riot. After every tackle, Zoe responded, “Ooohhh, nooo! Bump! Bump! **smooch**” So funny! Also, when the jumping robot guy came on after each commercial break she’d say “Hop! Hop! Hop!”

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