Our New Ellie

I really don’t have any idea as to where to begin, but the past 6 days have been phenomenal. It is crazy to think that just last Monday Zoe and I spent our last day as the two of us at Starbucks and hair bow shopping in LaGrange. Then, on Tuesday morning, Zak and I walked into the hospital and announced that we were there so I could have a have a baby. It was really quite bizarre. Thanks to the doctors and nurses, the actually delivery was fine, although the six or seven tries it took to get the epidural in totally sucked. Zoe didn’t cry when she was first born and, for some reason, I was really shocked to hear Ellie’s first cries. And then she just kept on crying and crying and it was the most beautiful cry I’ve ever heard. She was such a strong, healthy newborn baby we were able to be with her throughout the rest of the surgery and all of the recovery. Moments I will never forget.

Within a few hours my parents brought Zoe over to finally meet her little sister and, again, I will never forget that moment my two daughters shared. Beautiful. Zoe has been amazing from the get go. She seems to be in such awe and wonderment of Ellie and was just perfect while we were in the hospital. She was shipped between the hospital, my parents’ house, and our house over and over, eating meals in the hospital or out and about at odd times, and her sleeping schedule messed with. But she didn’t seem to mind too much and was fascinatingly entertaining and entertained each time I saw her. Thanks tremendously to my parents for taking nothing but the best care of her.

The hospital stay was good. My parents, Mike and Sara, Grandpa Harry, and my Grandma Betty and Grandpa Owen were all able to spend time getting to know the newest member of the family. All their visits were so meaningful to us. I’ve been looking forward to the apple pie from Hinsdale Hospital for over two years and it was just as good as I remember. That’s reason enough to have a baby there.

We were able to welcome Ellie home on Friday afternoon, and although it wasn’t a serene event (as Zoe was overtired) it was great to be home and in familiar territory. Ellie’s been an amazing baby from the get go. She sleeps. A lot. I remember Zoe being quite alert, but I’m pretty sure Ellie sleeps about 24 and a half hours a day. It’s been nice, because we’ve been able to spend some quality time with Zoe during this adjustment period. My parents, proud Uncle Mike and Sara, and Grandpa Harry all came over yesterday and it was great to have entertainment for Zoe and arms to hold Zoe, so I could relax and Zak could watch the Green Bay game. We spent today hanging out and although we didn’t do much of anything it was a packed day. Unfortunately, Zak goes back to work tomorrow, but my mom will be here all week to lend a helping hand.

I cannot thank Zak enough for the support he’s been the past week. I really haven’t had to worry about a thing as he’s taking care of it all. He’s still as great of a dad to Zoe as he’s always been and is amazing with our little Ellia. She has added such joy to our lives in just a short period of time.

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