Welcome Ellie!

Ellia Elizabeth was born this afternoon!
2:02 PM on January 8
7 pounds 10 ounces
21 inches long
34 cm head circumference

She and Molly are both doing wonderfully. She was able to stay with us right from the start after scoring an 8 and a 9 on her APGARs. I got to hold her pretty much from the start so Molly was able to see her quickly too. We’ve spent the rest of this afternoon getting to know her a bit. She cried for about the first 30 minutes or so solid, although I can’t really blame her. Since then though she’s been a perfect angel, and really hasn’t cried at all. She’s not to keep on opening her eyes, she’s had them open for maybe 5 minutes of the 5 hours she’s been here. I guess she’s in no particular hurry though. I’ll have pictures tomorrow!

One thought on “Welcome Ellie!

  1. Welcome to the world Ellie! I woke up thinking about you this morning knowing you’d be here. Congratulations Zak, Molly and Zoe. Love, Aunt Amy

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