Chit Chat Zoe

First, no baby yet.

It’s been about three weeks since Zoe started speech therapy and the improvement we’ve seen has been remarkable.  Ms. Cathy really whipped Zak and I into shape and our expectations of Zoe are so much higher, which has just motivated Zoe to no end.  She had never said any two word phrases before we started and now nearly everything she says is a two word phrase.  For months she would grunt, “uh, uh, uh” when she wanted something or needed our attention.  We were told to either ignore it or tell Zoe that we don’t understand what that means.  Lo and behold, she’s cut the grunting back dramatically and uses real words to communicate.  It’s so amazing to have a child we can have total and real conversations with.  I’m so encouraged about the near future for Zoe and am incredibly thankful to Ms. Cathy.

So, here are two cute “talking” stories:

Zoe worked hard to pick out a small gift to give to the baby and Zoe told us that the baby would say thank you to Zoe.  We said no and explained that the baby won’t be able to talk yet.  Zoe responded, “No teacher.”  I guess she thinks you need a teacher before you can talk.  Hey, it worked for her.

Zoe’s favorite phrase is “Yeah, baby.” Think Mike Myers as Austin Powers and you totally get Zoe.  It makes us laugh like mad every time.

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