“Ball” is one of the words that Zoe knows.  She loves kicking her soccer ball and throwing the baseball ball around.  Lately she has become obsessed with pointing out any ball, and now thinks that any circular object is one, including pictures in books.

The other night we read, Diary of a Fly by Doreen Cronin.  It was a cute story the everyday life of a fly and Zoe insisted on reading it on at least an hourly basis for a few days.  Nearly every page has a darling drawing of a large fly with really exaggerated eyes.  Zoe responded to each and every picture (each and every time)  by pointing at the each eye individually and exclaiming, “Ball! Ball! Ball! Ball!” until we responded.  The first hundred times we told her that it was actually an eye, but it sort of looks like a ball.  Then we just started saying yep.  Either way, she was completely content.  Until we turned the page and saw another set or two of fly eyes.

We returned the book today.  Zoe was bummed and somberly waved good-bye to it as she pushed it down the book return shoot.  I was relieved.

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