She may not be able to say “treat” yet, but Zoe was certainly in the Halloween spirit yesterday. She was a beautiful peacock, and the hit of the streets. I was a bit nervous she wouldn’t “get” the whole trick-or-treating thing, and she was a bit nervous at first. It didn’t take her long to figure out how the whole system worked though. It only took her a few houses to start critiquing her treats in her own way.

At one house she got a tootsie pop that she was very interested in, but since it was put directly into her basket she had to dig it out to get a better look. She pulled out a couple of other pieces first and at each of those she disappointedly shook her head and calmly said “no”. Eventually she found the sucker she was looking for and tried to put it straight in her mouth. We convinced her that it would be better to wait until we got home so we could take the wrapper off.

I also noticed that at the few houses where she was allowed to pick her own treat out of a bowl she went straight for the Hershey bars. In fact, at one house she dug around a bit until she found one. She’s definitely my daughter!

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