Wisconsin Trip

We had a fabulous mini road trip to Wisconsin this weekend.  The car ride went extremely smoothly.  It turns out that not much makes Zoe happier that being strapped into a chair forced to watch Elmo eight inches from her face.  It did take about two hours longer than normal to get up to Eau Claire, but that’s because I needed a cheese fry break at 10:30 and a Panera break at 12:30.

We had a great visit with Zak’s grandparents.  They hadn’t seen Zoe in over year and Zoe pulled all her cute tricks out to impress them.   She sure does know how to make everyone laugh.  On Saturday morning, after a great breakfast (think picture-worthy eggs) the whole Puig family came over and soaked up a bit of Zoe entertainment, while we just stared at Josh’s gigantic “Where the Wild Things Are” tatoo around his entire calf.  We’re sure that he’s the coolest person we know.   It was tough to say good-bye, but once we did we made it over to meet Mr. Finn Johnson.

We met Nic, Val, and Finn and Nic’s parents’ house and had a great afternoon.  Finn is just perfect.  He’s so small and cuddly.  It really made me a lot more anxious for Baby 2 to arrive.  There’s not a whole lot better than holding a newborn.  Well, cheese fries are up there.   It was a lot of fun see Zoe interact with Finn.  She liked to touch his toes and would giggle madly each time.  Seeing them together reassured me that Zoe is sure going to be a great big sister.

The drive home was very dark and extremely rainy, but Zak did a great job driving and Zoe did a good job sleeping.  We do wish we lived closer to everyone we saw this weekend for many reasons.  If we did we could hire Jessie as a babysitter, Zoe could have a new play buddy, and Zak could have seven more people to play Wii with. (Yes Grandma and Grandpa Knott play Wii.)

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