Summer 23

All the Knotts are going to make a noble effort at blogging the summer of ’23 and I’m kicking it off tonight. It’s going to be a different summer than many of the past years. To start, there is no road trip. From now ’til mid-July we’ll be Mancos based. The second half of summer will kick things up though as we head to Europe to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc.

My last class’s final exam ended today at 12:15, and I’m pretty sure I was out the door at 12:16. Work done. Year over. The drive to Omaha was more tedious than I’d anticipated. Although I’ve done this drive many times, this is my first time doing it solo in two years thanks to Molly encouraging me to fly the last few times I’ve come on my own. I listened to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, some music, some news. Ate a Zak’s Delicious Sandwich. Mostly just watched the miles tick by. There was one brief stop at Costco for gas. Who knew that Costco has indoor parking in at least one Iowa location?

Although we lost our Kimpton “Inner Circle” status this year we still stay with them whenever we can. I spent a good part of my drive anticipating a drink at the bar when I got here. Kimpton didn’t disappoint as they greeted me with a handful of drink tickets that I’m in the midst of working my way through. It was a beautiful night to enjoy my first one outside at the pool bar, and the live music at the Orleans’ Bar has been just as delightful.

As I’m finishing up my last few sips of Old Fashioned I’m anticipating another LONG day of driving tomorrow. This summer is full of the promise of adventure, so stick with us for everything that is yet to come!

The worst part of the day is that the rest of the fam still has more school, so it’s going to be a while before they get to join me. I have plans to get things done around the house until they come (and hopefully have some fun as well). I’ll do my best to update the blog and bring you all along for the journey!

3 thoughts on “Summer 23

  1. Excited for you! Did you listen to The Hitchhikers Guide from like 1980? It’s the best audio version! Have fun!

  2. This was a great read, Zak! I know the Iowa City Costco has underground parking. If you go through again give a holler and we will come take you to lunch!

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