Salida, CO

For the first 12 hours of today I drove from Omaha to Salida. I stopped for gas three times. I tried to stop at Starbucks, but the line was crazy long so I didn’t even park the car. I did finish HHGTTG and listened to some music and news.

Buying gas
Buying more gas
Buying gas for a third time.

It worked out that I was able to buy gas at Costco twice. Props to them for the cheap gas and clean bathrooms. That’s not why you’re here though. . . This blog is about ADVENTURE!

Memorial Day weekend in Salida, CO

I checked into my nonKimpton hotel, talked to the fam for a bit and took a 20 minute nap before heading downtown. After sufficient rest I headed downtown and discovered a distillery. I had good intentions to only have one old fashioned, but Echo Rose Rising started singing and ukeing so I decided I’d need two to hear more of the show.

It turned out to be pretty good inspiration for my own music as well I made some progress on two songs I’m working on. Maybe I’ll be ready to post some of that here this summer.

Echo Rose Rising Singing and Uking

After spending longer than planned at Wood’s Distillery I headed to Currents for dinner. The Nugs have already secured their spot in the NBA playoffs so the crowd here is heavily invested in cheering for the Celtics or Heat. Apparently there’s some division among the fans on who they’d prefer to face in the finals. I’m sure the Nugs will win either way, so whatever.

I’m going to keep this post short, because the only thing left to say is that my fish tacos are here and I’m hungry. Hopefully there’ll be more interesting posts coming soon!

Go Basketball Players!

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