One Day

All my life I’ve been waiting forI’ve been praying forFor the people to sayThat we don’t wanna fight no moreThey’ll be no more warsAnd our children will play Matisyahu Waking up this morning was a little sad since it meant our time in the rediculously sized Imperal Suite at the Hotel Vintage was coming to […]

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Jubilation Day

Let’s always remember the good times Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers We made it to our 6th NPS site today, but the  big discovery of the day was the city of Portland. Of course, it’s hard to have a bad start to the day when it begins with sleeping in and Kimpton coffee. […]

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For What It’s Worth

There’s something happening hereWhat it is ain’t exactly clear Stephen Stills Still no hiking, but another fun day! We got up pretty early and left Crater Lake. Our main goal for the day was to find a winery in the Wilemette Valley. I don’t drink much wine, but I do like a Pino Noir with […]

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Budding Trees

Give me some of that wild fox medicineBut keep me here in this wild present tenseFully supported on new lover’s chestDawning adventures sparkle, get some rest -Nahko and Medicine For the People We’re back in Colorado! Our first stop was Boulder where we decided to tackle Green Mountain. The drive from Kearney was perfectly uneventful. […]

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This weekend was busy. Since we meaning myself, Zoe, and my dad had a three day weekend. My mom had to make up for a snow day we had. Last weekend my parents started renovating our basement so Friday night and Saturday mostly consisted of roping up carpet, cleaning out our closet, and painting. But […]

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President’s Day Weekend

I’ve been working on updating the website for the past couple weeks. One thing that stood out to me was how little any of us write when we’re not out west. We started this project, and mostly continue it, for us to record or own memories. Both girls, but particularly Zoe, regularly go back and […]

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Hold Back The River

“. . . lonely water, won’t you let us wander / Let us hold each other” – James Bay After two weeks in the desert without a drop of water in sight (except for one thunderstorm and yesterday’s stop at Montezuma Well) we finally found a relative abundance of it. Despite some confusion on our […]

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The Wilbury Twist

“Ain’t never been nothing quite like this” – The Traveling Wilburys Out of habit more than anything we were all up before seven this morning. Zoe and Molly seemed almost eager to get out of bed to head downstairs and pick up our first cup of Kimpton coffee of the trip. We had a leisurely […]

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Something’s Always Wrong

“A brace of hope / A pride of innocence / And you would say something has gone wrong.” – Toad The Wet Sprocket At the very least something’s always wrong with Day 14. But I’ll come back to that in a bit. We woke early and had a last, tasty, breakfast at the Embassy Suites […]

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SBXVIII, with Guac

Last year we agreed that spring breaks would could as “vacation” and not “trips”. We also agreed that vacations didn’t require daily or even sporadic blog posts so I’ll keep this as brief as possible. We left Chicago right after school last Friday and drove an uneventful four hours to Seymore, Indiana. I think we […]

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