This weekend was busy. Since we meaning myself, Zoe, and my dad had a three day weekend. My mom had to make up for a snow day we had. Last weekend my parents started renovating our basement so Friday night and Saturday mostly consisted of roping up carpet, cleaning out our closet, and painting. But then Sunday morning we got up bright and early and drove into the city for a small vacation. Our plan was to go right to the Saturday Night Live the experience museum then have lunch by the pool back at the hotel room. We walked up a few blocks and made it to the museum only to find out that on Sundays it opened up two hours  late. So we were in Chicago with no plan and two hours to spare we headed to Eataly an Italian restaurant/grocery store thing. We walked around while coming up with a game plan. We headed out and went to Public House for some nachos. We finished up and it was time for the museum. It was so so so so so so so cool it took you through the week and showed you things like scripts, costumes, and how they think of everything that goes on. At the end we even got to sit down and there was a stage and everything. After the Saturday night live part of it we went the rest of museum were I was was introduced to Bozo the Clown and let me tell you if you don’t know him you have got to watch the Bozo show it is AWESOME. After the museum Zoe and I went swimming but a ton of little kids came so we got out pretty fast. We chilled in our room for a bit and than went down to wine hour. We had to leave a little bit early because for dinner our plan was to go to Au Cheval which is supposed to have the best burger in Chicago. But it always has a super long wait. So when we got there it was no surprise that there was a 3 hour wait. We put our name in and headed to another restaurant there we made the decision to stay and wait out the wait after we payed for the Mexican pizza my parents had gotten us to munch on. We still had about an hour wait so we went to yet another restaurant that served meat, coffee, and beer so parents split a beer and finally my mom got a text saying that our table was ready by this time it was 9:00 I do have to say they were telly good and the wait was well worth it. My mom had to go home early because she had work Monday. We all slept really well. And we took the train back home. I hope you all have a nice weekend and make sure that you check out my podcast Ellie Elevates your National Parks.

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