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I have not written on the blog for a super long time. This weekend we went downtown. We planned on just going to the SNL exhibit at the Broadcast and Communication’s museum.

We left house at 9:30 and drove down to the city. We parked and headed to the SNL exhibit. We went inside and found out that they don’t open until 12:00 on Sundays all we went and had an early lunch instead. We went to the Chicago Public House and had some nachos. Them we went to the SNL museum.

We walked in and watched a quick movie with a bunch of SNL cast members over the years. Then we walked in to the room and saw a backdrop that looked just like the stage.

We continued and walked by each day of the week and the process of making a show. There were also clips and parts of sets. Towards the end was the hair, makeup, props, and costume sections. We saw many costumes such as the Trump one and the bee one.

We also saw how they make face casts and wigs

We also saw some sets like the Wayne’s World one

After the SNL museum we went to the hotel and swam for a little bit and then we went to Wine Hour. After Wine Hour we went to An Cheval the wait was 3 hours so we went to Cruz Blanca and had some chips and guacamole. The wait was still 1 hour so we went to another place and just hung out. Finally we went to Au Cheval at 9:00 and had burgers.

Mom left after dinner because she had to go to work. Ellie, dad, and I got some doughnuts and took the train home this morning. It was an awesome weekend!!

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