One Day

All my life I’ve been waiting for
I’ve been praying for
For the people to say
That we don’t wanna fight no more
They’ll be no more wars
And our children will play


Waking up this morning was a little sad since it meant our time in the rediculously sized Imperal Suite at the Hotel Vintage was coming to an end. We took some time to drink coffee and write the blog post from yesterday we decided we were too tired to write last night. After showers we headed out to find what we’d heard was the actual best donut shop in Portland: Blue Star.

As soon as we walked in my expectations jumped from high to even higher. The donuts on display were almost unreal. Right away a pair of old-fashioneds caught my eye. We each chose our top two and since there was some overlap in our choices we all ended up getting each of the two we wanted. The rumors we’d heard were true, Blue Star is the best donut (that we tasted) in Portland. Yesterday I mentioned that VooDoo donuts were DoRite good, but not Glazed and Infused good. Blue star is different than, but as good as, G&I was.

These are the best donuts in Portland, go to Blue Star

Since we felt we’d done all the shopping we needed to for the day we headed back to check out of the Vintage. We took time to walk through each of the rooms one last time and snap a couple more pictures, and then headed out to Washington Park. Our internet searching located the International Rose Test Garden and we decided that would be a good place to check out and maybe enjoy a picnic. The whole park sounded cute, and we figured we might even be able to do a bit of light hiking.

Bathroom art at Hotel Vintage

Our minds were all immediately and collectively blown by the variety and quantity of roses. I honestly had no idea that roses existed in many of the forms we saw. I actually accused a few of them of being carnations, but that suggestion was quickly shot down by the girls and Molly.

This rose test was successful.
This rose test was not successful
There were lots of beautiful roses
Another beauty

As we were wondering the grounds we also came across an ampitheater with a stage set up. There seemed to be a big band getting ready to play so we settled in to watch for a while. The band soon abandonded the stage, but was replaced by a DJ. We investigated further by googling the phrases on some of the banners that were hung and discovered we were at the Peacock in the Park show. The group that puts on this annual event works to improve the lives of the LGBTQ community through entertainment, scholarships, and networking.

This guy entertained the crowd as we were waiting for the main event. I don’t know what this is called, but he is really good at it.

Today’s entertainment was set to be the annual drag show. Ellie and I returned to the car to get PBJ&C supplies and a cooler full of beer, this seemed like an event not to be missed. After lunch and a few rounds of Exploding Kittens the big band finally took the stage. They were good, but as they stepped off the real show began.

The event’s emcees, Poison Marie Waters and Maria Peters Lake, took the stage and the crowd went wild with anticipation. Everywhere we’ve been in Portland the support for the LGBTQ community as been front and center and this became even more evident as the emcees set to their first task of thanking the sponsers. I didn’t start a stopwatch, but I’m pretty sure it took a full half hour for them to get through the list. Next, the beneficiaries of all those sponser came to the stage. Last year the orgainization raised money to provide at least a dozen college scholarships.

Finally, the drag show portion of the entertainment began. The performer sang, danced, and danced some more. Some acts were themed, some were solo, some were kids, there was a huge variety. As each one took the stage a mass of people came down from the audience to contribute cash for next year’s scholarships to a large clear pillar at the front of the stage. What a great way to raise a bunch of money to help people get a start on life!

These were my favorite performers

As it got later in the afternoon we decided we’d better get going since we still had one more item on our list: ice cream at Salt and Straw. The variety of unique flavors were awesome. There were options that were unlike anything I’d heard of before. I ended up going with a 1/2 scoop of a more “traditional” option of birthday cake – raspberry and a 1/2 scoop of blue cheese – pear. That’s right, blue cheese ice cream. According to our scoopist the blue cheese is actually used as the base. Even so, most of the time it isn’t noticable, but every once in a while I got a bigger chunk, what a cool combo.

Our last stop for the day was our last Kimpton in Portland, the Riverplace. Again, it’s awesome. We were warmly greeted and sent off to our riverview fireplace suite. We’d gotten in a few beers earlier in the day at the show, but still hit wine hour. For dinner we took a stroll along the river and ended up having tacos at the Kimpton pop-up restaurant. Tomorrow it’ll be weird getting back on the trail. We’ll finally be hiking again after almost a week off. Fingers crossed that Mt. St. Helens doesn’t erupt while we’re there!

It wasn’t game day, but I dominated Monopoly Deal at wine hour so I’m going to put this here for posterity.
Tacos and tequila
Blogging by the fire

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