Day 24: Portland

Today was all about good food, pride, roses, Kimptons, and drag queens. And it was perfect.

We woke up in that ridiculous two story room to Kimpton coffee. We chilled for a bit before heading out to breakfast. We’d read that Voodoo Doughnut is the most popular doughnut in the city, but Blue Star is the best doughnut. We figured we only had one option and put them up against one another. What we read had been right. Oh my goodness. It riveled our Chicago favorite, Glazed and Infused. (RIP.) I’ve spent the past few minutes trying to come up with the adequate words to bring the flavors to you, but I can’t. So you’ll just have to check them out next time you’re in Portland. With a cup of their dark coffee in hand, we wandered a bit more around the city.

We found out way back to the hotel, checked out, and drove to Washington Park. We lucked into a parking spot and began meandering our way through the Rose Test Garden. Zak said it best when he commented, “Well, they passed.” I had no idea such a place existed. Plot after plot of fragrant roses of every color and variety imaginable. My breath was taken away at each turn. So lovely.

As we had been admiring the roses, we heard a band warming up and decided it would be nice to listen to. Well, that ended up being one of the best choices of the trip. We happened upon the 30th annual Peacock in the Park festival. What a party it was. We chilled out, played games, ate pbj&c, and laughed, as we waited for the entertainment to begin. Finally, the much awaited drag show began and what a blast it was. Today was an important day as a family. At the very least, I want the girls to see Zak and I as allies in action and know that we celebrate pride, love, and voice.

After all that excitement we needed some ice cream to balance out those doughnuts. Everyone who loves Portland had told us we must go to Salt and Straw, and once again they were right. I had a split scoop of lavender honey and blue cheese pear. Yes, you read those two flavors correctly. And they were both absolutely insane. Salt and Straw rivals Mitchell’s Ice Cream in Ceveland.

After all those goodies we rolled into the Kimpton River Place. Zak booked us a sweet room with an actual wood burning fireplace. So cozy. The Kimpton has a pop up taco and tequilla restaurant on the river front, so we had a small bite to eat for dinner. Cause we even needed dinner. Tomorrow we are hiking seven times as far as planned to balance Portland’s food induced coma we’re all in.

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