Seeing the Ocean and Big Rocks

We made it to the ocean!! It should have been a 3 hour drive but we did so much. We went to the Red Bluff Farmers market, Trader Joe’s, Old Navy, windiest road in the worls, Lunch at Mamma Llama, Big Foot, New hotel, and explored the ocean.

We started our adventure by going to the Red Bluff Farmers Market. We didn’t get anything but looked at all the produce and jewelery. We also watched the little kids doing a yoga class.

After that we went to TRADER JOES!!!!! We picked up what we came for (apples, wine, beer, and water) then decided the we could also pick up some dinner so we also got guac, salsa, chips, cheese, and crackers, and a cookie thing for dessert.

After we went to Old Navy where we replaced out leggings that broke.

(Sorry this is the weirdest post ever)

We continued driving up the road and decided we were hungry so we stopped in Weaverville and I got a spicy club sandwich wrap for lunch which was really good.

Then we continued driving on a road that made everybody car sick.

But then… We discovered… The Bigfoot Capital of the World. There are no words to describe how weird this was. It was very similar to Roswell. Just different castings of his feet each very different than the next. The best part though was the diorama. Just picture a clay sculpture of a stream and a giant rock and on that rock a Bigfoot action figure. This is one of the weirdest places I have ever been.

As we continued driving we went to Eureka which had a couple cute stores.

After we finished the drive to our hotel where we had the newest hotel room. You could smell the fresh paint and feel the new mattresses.

We then explored a little bit of the beach running away from the waves and finding shells. We found a bench and ate our dinner. We are still deciding if we will watch the sunset or not.

2 thoughts on “Seeing the Ocean and Big Rocks

  1. Hahaha “weirdest post ever.” But it does help show that you take a super long, super interesting trip if one full day is made up of these errands, one of which includes broken leggings, 2 meals of chips and salsa in a day, and a random big foot stop. 🙂

  2. Hi Zoe,
    Are you guys not camping this year? And just staying in hotels? So glad you got a brand new room. Very nice.

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