THE Target Trip

Tonight was the night of the big Target trip. This Target trip is different than every other one of the year because we don’t leave with a cute throw pillow, nail clippers, and last season’s clothes off the clearance rack. Rather, we walk out with all the little necessities for the trip that can’t be purchased from Amazon.

We made our way up and down every single aisle, focusing mostly on the snacks. It’s funny, because we pretty strictly adhere to the grocery rule of only shopping the perimeter of the store, rarely buying processed or prepackaged foods. Well, this is the the trip that so crazily breaks that rule. We didn’t buy a single fresh, refrigerated, frozen, or unprocessed food. Two hours later our carts (yes, two) were full we are ready for a roadtrip!

At one point Ellie suggested adding a large container of sprinkles to the cart. I immediately (obviously) vetoed it, but Zak asked what she would do with them. She simply told us that she’d pour them in her mouth and enjoy them plain. We had an intense discussion about Jif versus Skippy peanut butter and ended up with the Marketplace brand. Zoe tried on 4 pairs of flip flops, each a size bigger than the last, before we realized her feet are officially larger than mine, a size 9! Zak and Ellie fought hard to convince me we needed a giant tub of cheese balls, even throwing in the argument that we could use the empty container as a car toilet if needed. Nope. Didn’t work. Didn’t get added to the cart.

The options!!!
Again, the options!!!



This may be the longest receipt we’ve ever earned from Target.


Just eight more days!!!


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