I don’t wanna camp! Well, maybe I will…

We are down to single digits! We leave in 9 days! Zak is convinced we could leave tomorrow if forced, yet I’m not sure we’ll get everything done that needs to get done. Like my eyebrows. I am in desperate need for an eyebrow wax and I just don’t see how it will fit in before we leave. But it has to. See, clearly we have important things to get done before the 8th.

With that being said, we knew we needed another practice camp night. I camped a handful of times in my teens and 20s, and I think the same with Zak, but the one night last fall was our first night camping as a family. It went fine, but we needed more practice before this adventure. Earlier in the week, as we were running around with sport practices, end of the school year hoopla, and just trying to keep the household afloat, I had a meltdown. I have to admit it was pretty epic.

I whined about not understanding why we need yet another practice night. Which led to me admitting I don’t want to camp at all and I’m actually terrified of bears eating us while we sleep. I sobbed that I only want showers, toilets, and nice pillows each night of the trip. I claimed that I hate nature and the thought of bugs and animals surrounding me cause to panic. I will not camp. At least not happily and I will absolutely not help with the campsite stuff.

Zak calmly said that he wished I had said something before we spent all the money on the tents, sleeping bags, and car (which we really bought for the extra room we’ll need for the camping gear), but that he’ll rework the itinerary so we can stay in hotels.

Crap, I couldn’t let my anxieties ruin the trip for everyone else and I can’t make Zak replan a huge chunk of the trip and we can’t return the tents or car. I need to swallow my pride (and a few xanax) and work on convincing myself it will be fun.

So we did the practice camp trip last night. I haven’t read anyone else’s post but Zoe’s and she did a great job describing the  experience. We did a simple hike (with zero knee pain!!!), found a brew pub with great food and a better beer selection, forgot the selfie stick, the keyboards (we use to make blogging easier), and the mattress pads, and found out that instant coffee sucks.

It was fun, and we survived without any bears eating us. I guess we are as ready as we can get for the camping portions of the trip and I will have a better attitude toward the experiences. Now to schedule that wax…

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