An Article

Several times a week Zak begins a conversation with: “Today I was reading….” It’s actually kind of funny because I can’t picture Zak holding a book. I think he has only read a handful of novels throughout our entire relationship. On the other hand, the rest of us are ravenous when it comes to turning pages. Zoe is zipping through the The Hunger Games now, Ellie is reading Diary of the Wimpy Kid for the fourteenth time since January, and I can’t put down Americanah. Reading is definitely a favorite hobby of us girls, yet Zak is probably the most well-read of the family. Regardless of the fact he is never holding a book, he is constantly reading. Researching, learning, information gathering might be a more accurate verbs.

At dinner tonight, after a tense discussion about the necessity of tomatoes and lettuce on BLTs and how it is against house rules to eat a plain bacon sandwich (we are the meanest parents ever), Zak uttered the words “Today I was reading…” I think the girls and I get nervous with this conversation starter. Is he going to want to add more days to the trip? Does he think we need more of some random supply? Did he find a different route? What decision are we going to need to have an opinion on?

He continued “Today I was reading Backpacker.” A magazine for which we apparently have a subscription. I had no idea we did until today. “And read an article on the month’s top trips.”


I think to myself, “Well, crap, what is he adding to our already packed summer?”

Zak excitedly finds the article and says he thinks we should do number 3 on the list of 18. I start thinking that if it is ranked that high, it might actually be a good idea. We continue listening.

He then tells us all that June 21st is National Hike Naked Day. And we’ll be in Canyonlands National Park. And even though public nudity is illegal, there are directions on how to make a loincloth from leaves and reeds. Everyone in??

So, new activity added to the agenda. Make loincloths and hike naked.


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