Last Sunday was what I had prepared for 12 weeks, my girls on the run 5K. It was really fun. I woke up at 5:30am. Ate a quick breakfast of toast with peanut butter and half a banana. We got to the Chicago speedway at 7am. We went to the bathroom and got our bibs. We did a stretch routine and before we knew it it was our turn to line up. We started off. There was motivational signs and cowbellers all over. At the half way point there was a bubble truck. More bubbles than  you could imagine. I finished in 35 minutes. At the end there was a snack buffet of banana’s, granola bars, and 4 kinds of skinny pop,  (dark chocolate,  salt and pepper, jalapeño, and plain, I got dark chocolate) Gatorade, juice boxes, and water. I got dark chocolate pop corn, granola bars, Gatorade and water. I bought a hat and got a medal.l


Me and my medal!


Me my hat and medal!


My hat!


My medal!


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