Leaving Canada

We are about 60 miles outside of Chicago and should be home in time to do a few loads of laundry, pack lunches for tomorrow, and, if we are super lucky with the timing, buy our new car tonight! We left Kitchener early and immediately stopped at a Tim Horton’s for pastries and coffee. I’ve put it together that Tim Horton’s is to Canada as In ‘N Out is to California. There’s a secret menu, die hard patrons, and location every 2 miles along the highway.

The coffee was a bit sweet for both our tastes, but now we know for next time. All our breakfast treats were quite tasty, but Zoe’s nutella croissant looked particularly fantastic. Also, the kindest gentlemen made a remark to us about the weather being rough. Zak told him we were just passing through, so didn’t know that the cool misting was abnormal. We then had a pleasant conversation and he left. Once Zak and I were situated, Zoe and Ellie showed us the loonies and toonies he had given them as souvenirs. That is my favorite part of travel, running into the kindest people.


Canadian cheers to you, Denise!


I was the driver from Kitchener to the border crossing in Sarnia. The drive started out fine, but throughout the first two hours the wind picked up tremendously, the mist turned to a heavy down pour, which turned to a crazy winter blizzard. It was tough driving and we saw many cars overturned off the side of the road. With a lot of patience and white knuckles on everyone’s part we made it out of the storm that was blowing right off Lake Heron.

The border crossing took quite awhile as our attendant decided to go on break just as we approached the front of the long line. He just put up the gate, left for 15 minutes, and returned later to wave us forward. He asked us a lot of questions about what the heck we were doing in Kitchener. Most people must not consider it a vacation destination.

The rest of the drive as been very uneventful. Lots of reading, tablet playing, and driving. I wish we weren’t heading home and could just keep driving to another fun destination, but school starts up tomorrow and we only need to get through 72 days until we depart for the big trip!

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