(All the times are in Canadian time zone. )

After we went to Niagara falls we went back to the hotel. Ellie and I went swimming for awhile and my dad came back with the pizza and salad we ordered. Then we swam until 10:00. We got a good night sleep to get prepared for the Easter brunch we went to. The food at the Easter brunch was good. There was also a lot of hilariousness to be seen. First the lady in front of is said “There will be 3 of us, I called yesterday”
“Yes I see” said the person
“There may be 5, 6, or 7 more people coming” (we got a view of them and 3 more actually came.)
Then there was the very hungry (?) person who Piled Loaded her plate with bacon. Then she was at the omelet station for  at least 10 minutes then at the stir fry station for awhile. I was not there so I don’t know exact details. Then at the cheese station a lady took a Lot of cheese.  
We went swimming for awhile then went to a place called B
for dinner. I had a really big dinner I had a whole plate of Cesar salad, poutine, and duck mac and cheese. Yum! There was a lot of hipster restaurant signs that will be included in another post called B hipster restaurant signs. This morning we left
and stopped to get breakfast from Tim Hortons. I got a nutella croissant. Also, a nice guy gave me a loony which is a dollar coin.  We are on the road now.

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