Canadian Easter

Let me preface this post with an acknowledgment that we’ve only been in Canada for a day and only seen a very few people and places. With that disclaimer out of the way I’d like to coin a new phase: “like a Canadian at a buffet”. The meaning is analogous to “like a pack of ravenous dogs”, but with more half-hearted politeness. To explain, Molly had fabulous idea of doing an Easter brunch this morning. We did a bit of research and discovered that our hotel seemed to have one of the best in Kitchener.

We arrived right on time for our reservation and [amazon text=Canadian Easter&asin=B00JXT1W92] got weird from the start. A lovely old lady was in line to check in in front of us. She opened the conversion with the hostess by giving her name and stating that they were a party of five. The hostess found her name and seemed a bit perplexed to have to inform the lady that she had reserved a table for three. The lady, unfazed, replied that she had called yesterday. The hostess, taking things in stride said ” yesterday . . . I . . . see that here” (she clearly didn’t). “Yes,” returned the woman “there may be six though.” Then the hostess said what I can only imagine is the Canadian version of F… you-“I’ll put you at a table for eight. ”

Since we only had the four people we were supposed to we didn’t have any trouble being seated at table #12, right next to the omelet station. Our waitress, who we later decided must have been working her first day, brought us coffee, tea, and by-and-by some orange juice. As the tables for the 11:30 seating continued to fill we snapped some pictures and chatted. Suddenly, and without warning it was game on. Seemingly in unison people got up and descended on the elaborate spread at the center of the room.

Before I go on I do want to note the food was excellent. The standards were there: omelets, bacon, sausage, potatoes, fruit, salad, carved beef. More exotic and delicious offerings made an appearance too: crab stuffed sole, shrimp, salmon, prosciutto, cheeses, and more.

But the sport of it all was what grabbed our attention. Although it was crazy all around, I think it’s best to focus one one particularly hungry(?) woman. She was among the first to reach the tables and began by heaping two plates with bacon and passing them off to a child. She then began ordering omelets and handing them off to various people. Finally she ordered her own, but insisted on it being set off to the side for a few minutes, apparently the timing was a bit off. All the while we were waiting our turn in amazement. She eventually moved on to the stir fry station and we got our turn.

We did cause a bit of drama ourselves when we went to pay. I handed over the discount vouchers I had talked the manager into giving us and the poor woman at the payment table didn’t know what to do. It did all work out and she eventually accepted our 51 cad payment (about 37 us dollars).

The rest of the day was spent lounging by the pool. Right now we’re all getting ready to head out to dinner. Tomorrow – back home!


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