Yesterday we drove to Pittsburgh. We walked around the strip district. We had HUGE sandwiches for lunch we went to Prismonti bros. They serve sandwiches with the french fries ON them. Also when we had just got our sandwiches and my dad asked for a knife. In a place like that you would probably would have expected a plastic knife but no we got a HUGE knife. Like a serrated knife. It was also a little bit dirty so you could tell it was straight from the kitchen. We got our sandwiches though.

We also checked out a candy store and got chocolate malt balls. We got chocolate mint, cookies ‘n cream, peanut butter, raspberry, blueberry, and milk chocolate. After wine hour went to the Commoner for dinner. It was delicious! I shared a watercress salad and smoked short rib with brined cabbage with my mom. The meat was so tender it just fell apart. It also had a really good smokey flavor. For an appitizer we got crab cake balls and a cheese plater. To drink I got a kiddie Cocktail. It was made with REAL cherries.

Today we are driving 4 hours to Niagara Falls. We have been on the road 1 hour but only been driving 30 minutes. We have made 3 stops. Stop #1 Starbucks       
Stop #2 Gas
Stop #3 Bathroom/Get food from the trunk.

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